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Urology Center of Palm Beach is committed to providing personalized, compassionate and state-of-the art Urological care to men and women. We believe in educating, guiding and empowering patients to allow them to make the best decision for their unique condition.

Dr Diego Rubinowicz, founder of Urology Center of Palm Beach, is a Board Certified Urologist who has been in private practice in Palm Beach County since 2001. He completed his residency training at the Univeristy of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital

About Dr. Rubinowicz

Dr. Diego Rubinowicz

I am a board certified Urologist in private practice for fifteen years. I completed my training at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, where I had extensive exposure in the areas of Urological oncology and endourology. I was the first Urologist in Palm Beach County to perform minimally invasive urological procedures such as hand-assissted laparoscopic nephrectomy, endourological procedures for stone disease, and robotic assisted prostatectomies. My practice, Urology Center of Palm Beach, strives to provide personalized and compassionate urological care for men and women. We specialize in men's health, hypogonadism, andropause, testosterone supplementation, erectile dysfunction, BPH, stone disease, urinary incontinence and diagnosis and treatment of urological malignancies, such as prostate, bladder and kidney cancer. I have had excellent results in men with enlarged prostates who underwent bipolar Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) which has translated into superior patient satisfaction. Management of prostate cancer has changed dramatically over the last decade. A significant portion of our patients are under an Active surveillance protocol. I tailor individual treatment plans for each patient and recommend more advanced treatment as needed. Women' s issues include kidney stones, recurrent urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, and urinary incontinence.

Over the years, and largely due to fill a void in patient care and well being, I have expanded the scope of my practice. Common conditions such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease and the so called "metabolic" syndrome, are intimately related to conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and can increase risk of BPH, kidney stones and urinary incontinence. I strongly believe lifestyle modification, including exercise, healthy dietary practices, and nutrition play a key role in prevention of urologic conditions.

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Nothing matters more than our patients. At Urology Center of Palm Beach, we believe that our patients deserve the best. Our belief drives everything we do. It defines our vision for the future and our mission for today.